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Jimmy Fallon Plays ‘Drinko’ With Jason Sudeikis

Every fan of The Price Is Right knows which is one the most popular games on the famous show. Plinko. As a genius new game, Jimmy Fallon took the concept of Plinko and gave it a late night spin. Instead of winning big cash, players drop their discs down the board into cups of different drinks that their opponent must drink. Naturally the game is called Drinko. Jimmy played the fun new game with his celebrity guest Jason Sudeikis.


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Truck Pulls A Tree

You need a big, strong truck to get work done in the yard. A group of people working in Julian, North Carolina needed to pull a tree. After a long setup to make sure the truck and tree were perfectly lined up and ready, the driver hit the gas. What happened next is not what most viewers expected. Now, this silly clip has gone viral with over 500,000 hits!


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43 Things People Who Studied Abroad Can't Stop Talking About

“You just can’t get a baguette like the ones you get in Paris.”

1. How much better the wine was wherever they studied.
2. How much better the baguettes were wherever they studied.
3. How much weight they gained.
4. How good they got at speaking (insert language here).
5. How late they partied.
6. How they literally never slept.
7. How hot the people from (insert place) are.
8. How ugly the people from (insert place) are.
9. How easy their classes were.

10. How they could literally just walk around with a bottle of wine.
11. How cheap the alcohol was.
12. How expensive the clubs were.
13. How they became friends with that promoter and got in places for free.
14. How much better the public transportation was in (insert place here).
15. How many people got pick-pocketed on their trip.
16. How that person they made out with in (insert place here) might be the one who got away.

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Stolen Pug Reunites With Owner

All burglars are awful, but if you not only steal possessions from someone, but also their beloved dog, you’re officially a terrible human being. That’s exactly what happened in a town just north of London, reports the Essex Police. Thankfully, the criminals were captured and the cute pug was rescued. Now, this touching video of the cute dog being reunited with the owner has gone viral with over one million views!


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Sprinter Celebrates Right Before The Finish Line And Loses Race

It doesn’t matter how many times this has happened in the past, it seems there will always be young athletes who make the poor decision to celebrate before the race is over. American female sprinter Huddle seemed to think she was going to come in 3rd and win the bronze, and lifted in her arms in celebration just two steps before the finish line. But that was all her competitor Infeld needed to cross the line before her. 

“There’s a lesson there.” Indeed. It ain’t over till it’s over. This video has gone viral with over 1.25 million views!


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